Moon Magic Meditation

Are you curious to find out more about how the phases of the moon affect you?

Are you just starting out on your path as a witch or do you want to give yourself the gift of slowing down and focus on yourself for a while?

Do you want to take the next step towards a life more in tune with the cycles of nature?

Then Moon Magic Meditation is for you!


The magic of the moon

The phases of the moon, from dark to full, affects us all in different ways.

She can affect our mood, or energy and our need for creativity and rest.

Give yourself the opportunity to explore how She influences your life, while at the same time learning some basic facts about Her energies as well as meditation and magic.

The phases of the moon

In the 30 page manual (pdf) you will get basic information on the phases of the moon, their energies, magic as well as four guided meditations which will open you up to the energies of the phase the moon is in.

The manual also contains four ceremonies that you can do by yourself, one for each phase of the moon.

I invite you to take a step from the linear society towards a more cyclical way of being in harmony with Mama Earth and Goddess and yourself.

So, how much is it?

For only $44  you will receive:

Four downloadable guided meditations (mp3), length: approximately 10 minutes each.

A 30-page manual (pdf) with information about the phases of the moon, Her energies, magic and ceremonial suggestions as well as some meditation tips. I also offer some journalling questions for you to reflect on.

Four written down ceremonies for you to do at home.

This is a course that can be used again and again and with each cycle of the moon you will learn more about how She influences you and your life!

As soon as the payment has gone through you will be taken to the page where the course can be downloaded.

Are you ready?
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