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 to my corner of the internet universe!

This is the place where I share everything that I do and everything I have to offer.

If you would love to learn more about, and explore the Goddess and the energies within you and around you, then you are in the right place.

I am a Priestess of Avalon, witch, Reiki Master, mindfulness teacher, and yoga lover plus a creator of fabulous and colourful things, like Goddess sculptures and online courses loved by women and men all over the world!

I welcome you here and invite you to have a look around.

PS: I am still working on this page, so all the links don´t work yet! Be patient! xx

This is me

I am a creative hippie soul, a Priestess, witch and a spiritual finder who wander through life´s ups and downs, joys and sadness and surprises on a path paved with the love of Goddess, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, singing and sharing as my guiding light.

I am also

I am also a
slightly mad,
lazy, unfocused,
banjo playing,
preferrably barefoot,
book-loving hermit.
Mother of Tuva and
recovering chocoholic.

Experiential courses that open you up to a closer connection to yourself and Goddess.

Goddess sculptures, magical oils and mist. Why not treat yourself?

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Priestess, witch, wild woman

I am a Priestess, trained in Glastonbury for three years with  Kathy Jones. I have helped create ceremonies for the Glastonbury Goddess conference for several years and have also facilitated workshops, ceremonies and women´s circles in Sweden, England and Germany.


I have got a Diploma in Counselling from the The City Literary Institute in London. The three year course included psychology, ethics, personal development, supervision and client work. 


My coaching training is from Empowerment Coaching in Stockholm.


I have experience of working with both adults and young people from a college, a hospice and my own private practice. 


I am a Reiki Master trained by Kaz Thorpe in Australia (Level 1 and 2) and then by Liz Reveley in England (Master).


I have also trained as a mindfulness instructor with Ilivera here in Stockholm.

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