A reminder of presence

I listened to an interview from Oprah´s Super Soul conversations today with Eckhart Tolle. I would say that he is one of my greatest teachers. 

He explains challenging things in ways that make sense. He has the ability to bring me back to the present and remind me of how difficult I make my life by worrying about the future. He reminds me of the simple ways of returning to the truth, that I am the awareness behind it all. 

I am eternal. The rest is just invented.

I invent who I am. I invent a lot of struggles. Yes, there are struggles in life and challenges, grief, horrors and what not. But even in that there is a choice to be drawn into making it a huge drama or just accept what is. Then we can act from another place.

 I need to be reminded of this again and again because I fall so easily into despair, worry, anxiety and hopelessness.

 Acceptance does not mean saying that what is happening is OK.
Acceptance is just what it says: acceptance of that what is happening is happening.

Acceptance of this moment.

Instead of fighting it, just letting it be as it is. I can feel this acceptance physically in my body. It is like a sense of opening. A release. And from there I know that I can think clearer or let things go.

Listening to the interview also reminded me to connect to my soul, my essence, my core. I do this in meditation. But to do it more often, just throughout the day is such a beautiful way to return to the present, return to the now and find peace.

To do this, stop, be still, take a deep breath and allow yourself to sink into yourself.
Feel the earth underneath you.
Center into your heart and then imagine radiating your energy out from there.
It is like opening up and connecting to the energy around you.

Then you find your true essence. 

You remember that you are ONE with everything. That you are eternal.

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